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2017-10-31, News! ICCSSE 2017 proceedings included in IEEE Xplore. (online)

2017-08-24, News! ICCSSE 2018 will be held in Huazhong University of Science and Technology of China during August 21-23, 2018. See you next year!

2017-08-20, News! ICCSSE 2017 was successfully held in CHINA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY during August 17-19. Photos of conference will be available very soon.

2017-07-10, News! ICCSSE 2017 conference program is available. Kindly pay attention to your emailbox.

2017-04-25, News! ICCSSE 2017 welcomes several excellent experts to join us as technical committee. (check)

2017-04-05, News! ICCSSE 2016 has been successfully indexed. (check)

2017-03-03, News! ICCSSE 2017 has been listed in Sciencemeeting online. (check)

2017-01-10, News! ICCSSE 2017 call for submissions. (check)

2016-12-15, Good News! ICCSSE 2016 conference proceedings had been included in IEEE Xplore. (check)

2016-07-30, News! ICCSSE 2016 Successfully held, check the conference photos here. See you next year!
ICCSSE 2016会议成功召开,点击查看会议图片,期待明年与您再会!

2016-03-25, Good News! ICCSSE 2016 had been listed in Nature events Directory (check)
ICCSSE 2016 会议被列入《自然》杂志会议列表。

2016-02-22, News! Prof.Jia-Yush Yen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan will give a keynote speech at the conference. (introduction)

2016-02-22, News! IEEE Fellow, Prof. Dong Sun, City university of Hong Kong will give a keynote speech at the conference. (introduction)
IEEE Fellow, 行业内专家, 香港城市大学的Dong Sun 教授将在大会发表主旨演讲。

2016-02-17, News! IEEE Fellow, Prof. Max Meng from The Chinese University of Hong Kong will give a keynote speech at the conference.(introduction)
IEEE Fellow, 行业内专家,香港中文大学的Max Meng (孟庆虎)教授 将在大会发表主旨演讲。

2015-12-15, News! Welcome Prof. Ir. Sim Kok Swee from Multimedia University,Malaysia join the conference committee.
欢迎来自马来西亚的Ir. Sim Kok Swee教授加入委员会。

2015-10-27, Good News! ICCSSE 2017 had been listed in IEEE conference list. (click)
ICCSSE 2017已进入IEEE会议列表!

2015-09-08, News! ICCSSE 2016 conference calls for paper now!
ICCSSE 2017 会议现在开始征稿了!

2015-09-07, News! ICCSSE 2016 conference will be held in Singapore during  July 27-29.
ICCSSE 2017会议将于6月24-26号在新加坡举行。

2015-08-31, Good News! ICCSSE 2014 proceeding had been online. (IEEE Xplore)
ICCSSE 2014 论文集已经被收录在IEEE Xplore数据库中。